How much for a 5-6 day Hebridean Way cycle trip?

Prices for self guided cycle trips depend very much on the availability of the accommodations, the type of accommodation, i.e. hostel, B&B, guesthouse, hotel, as well as people sharing a room.

As a ball park number, use on average £65 per person per day when using your own bike. Use £90 for hiring our bike, including panniers, which will include the bike being ready at your first accommodation.

Can I do the Hebridean Way in 3 days?

Yes you can. Recently it was completed by Nikki Sommers in one day! In our experience most people do 5 to 6 days as they want to combine cycling with having enough time to stop and take in the views, visit an attraction or sit on a beach by the ocean. 

Cycling 185 miles over 5 to 6 days is about 30-37 miles a day. At a leisurely pace of 9-11 miles an hour, you will be on average about 3.5 hours on the bike. This leaves plenty of time to engage with everything the Outer Hebrides has to offer.

Riders completing it in 3 days tend to be doing this more as a cycling challenge/workout adding the Hebridean Way to their list of places they want to have completed. It is up to 60 miles of cycling a day. 

Can I do the Hebridean Way cycle trip with my child of 8?

You will know best if your youngster(s) can do the miles. They will already be very active on their bike(s) and done cycle trips before. Otherwise you would not be considering it. 

We have seen quite a few young people completing and enjoying the cycle trip together with their parent(s). They normally take their own bike with them, but HebShuttle is considering doing bike hire for children as well. 

Do you cover all the isles from Vatersay to Isle of Lewis?

Yes, we have representation on each island. Our registered office is in Balivanich, Isle of Benbecula, our second office is in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Our booking managers are there for you at the end of the phone 07796 525 343 if you would need her during your stay. We have qualified drivers with mini buses and bike rack/trailers operating throughout the Outer Hebrides. Furthermore we have bike break down and emergency services in place. 

I want to return to Oban, do you provide transfers for that?

Yes, we will transfer you back to Castlebay on Barra (with bike) where your ferry to Oban will depart. 

Our transfer takes you from Stornoway, departure 6:15am to Eriskay ferry terminal, where you ferry to Barra departs at 13:00. At 13:40 you will arrive on Barra in Ardmhor.

The vast majority of our customers choose to cycle the last few miles on Barra to their accommodation for their last night on Barra before boarding the ferry to Oban the next morning departing at 7:55am. Arriving at 12:40 in Oban.

There is only one ferry to Oban per day. 

We do have a (bike) taxi service available on Barra if you wish us to book this for you. 

When I finish at the Butt of Lewis, how do I get back to Stornoway?

The distance from the finish to Stornoway is 30 miles, about 2.5 hours cycling in the South and West direction. Our customers book transfer to Stornoway with us, because they prefer not cycling this distance once they have achieved the goal of completing the Hebridean Way cycle trip. 

At the time of booking we will assume a time you will arrive at the finish. Often the day before and on the day of completion customers contact our booking manager with a more accurate time depending on their progress. 

We will be there when you arrive with our bus and bike rack or trailer depending on the number of riders travelling. 

The shuttle to Stornoway will take about 50 mins to an hour. We will drop you off at any accommodation in and around Stornoway. 

I arrive in Stornoway but would like start the Hebridean Way in Vatersay, can you transfer me?

We provide full transfer services for you and your bike to the Isle of Barra. 

I want to do the Hebridean Way from North to South, is that possible?

Totally possible. The vast majority of riders go from South to North as the prevailing wind direction is S/SW.
We from HebHolidays/HebShuttle also recommend the South to North direction, but we have lived up here long enough to know that the winds can change within hours and appear to be coming from all directions.  

Do you transfer infants and children?

We operate under a private hire license and on request will carry infant and children car seats. 

Can I take my dog/cat on your transfer?

We are a dog/cat friendly company. If needed we will provide a car kennel. 

When can I do the Hebridean Way cycle trip?

The Hebridean Way cycle trip is not an organised event that only happens on a certain day or days. You can do the Hebridean Way cycle trip at any time it suits you. You can take as many days you wish. 

The route follows the public roads on the islands. At certain points you will see Hebridean Way markers guiding you the correct way. 

Is booking a transfer cheating?! The Hebridean Way cycle route in not a circular route where start and finish are in the same place. They are actually 185 miles apart from each other. 

Wherever you enter the Outer Hebrides, Stornoway ferry, airport, Tarbert, Lochmaddy, Benbecula Airport, Lochboisdale ferry, Barra airport or ferry, at some point you will have to travel from or to one of those ports. These travels can be from very remote areas of the isles like the Butt of Lewis, or from there back to Oban. This can add a lot miles to your already long cycle trip. 

Our transfers and shuttles are meant to make it possible for you to focus on the Hebridean Way itself and to fit it all in the days you have available.

Also sometimes you plan and things work out different than planned. Booking a shuttle can help getting you quickly to where you need or want to be. 

Do you do other cycle trips too?

We organise any cycle trip in the Outer Hebrides you wish. 

The Hebridean Way is the most popular one and gets a lot of attention, but there are a lot more stunning areas like:

Uig (West Isle of Lewis)

Tolsta North/Traighmore

Lochs Pairc


Golden Road

East coast of Harris



East North Uist



Loch Carnan

Loch Sgioport


So there is plenty of scope for other cycle trips which we can also recommend and organise for you.