The Hebridean Way Cycle Trip Adventure from £65 per person per day.

The Hebridean Way passes through ten islands linked by a combination of causeways and ferries. It follows the National Cycle Network 780, following the main and coastal roads.

The Outer Hebrides are ranked in the top five islands in the world. 


A place at the edge of Scotland that is very much alive while retaining its authenticity and honesty. 


The islands beyond the Highlands are renowned for its natural beauty and unspoiled nature.

Cycling through it on a bike is the best pace and way to enjoy the stunning views and to engage with the environment. 

Hebridean Way Road Cycle Trip is a 185 miles road cycle trip through the islands of the Outer Hebrides. 

You can do this amazing road trip starting on Barra in Vatersay on the most southern point, cycling to the endpoint at northwesterly point in the Butt of Lewis or the other way around, depending on your preference.

Our transfer services will connect you to the starting and finishing points.

From £65 per person per night, depending on the availability of accommodation and inter-island ferries crossings. 

- 5/6 days on the bike (average speed)

- Total distance 185mi

- Total Elevation Gain 11,352 ft

- Maximum Elevation 656 ft

- Average 30-40mi a day

- 6/7 nights stay in accommodation

Hybrid and e-bike hire available as well as bike transfers.

Hebridean Way cycle jersey

G0t the shirt? 

The official Hebridean Way branded merchandise is available from the Visit Outer Hebrides Tourism online shop.

Order before you go on your journey to look the part.

It also makes for a great memory to have when you are off to your local gym or at your cycling club. 

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Nikki Sommers sets Hebrides cycle record

Cycling Inspiration

It was a pleasure to have Nikki Sommers, who rode the 185-mile route non-stop, in our shuttle bus.

I have cycled the Hebridean Way before at a much more leisurely pace and really enjoyed it, however I also love a tough challenge and The Hebridean Way was a great non-stop ride.”

Hebridean Way Cycle Trip profile
- Total Elevation Gain 11,352 ft

- Maximum Elevation 656 ft

Hebridean Way Cycle Trip profile
- Total Elevation Gain 11,352 ft

- Maximum Elevation 656 ft

Single track roads in South Uist.

Our transfer service will take you back to your starting point or any other destination on the islands.