Bike Hire/Bike Hire Package Deal 

Terms and Agreement

You accept complete responsibility during the hire period for the safety of the equipment and for any loss, theft or damages. In this case, you would notify the bike hire company and in the case of theft or accident notify the police. 

You are responsible for the security of the bicycle and must use the lock if supplied when the bike is unattended. It is your duty to return the bike and equipment by the specified time/date.

You accept that cycling has risks and confirm that you are a competent cyclist. You should not ride if you are in ill health, have a disability likely to affect the ability to cycle, or your eyesight is not up to the standard required by a road-driving test. Do not ride under the influence of alcohol, strong medication or other drugs. It is strongly advised that you wear a helmet and use other appropriate clothing. 

Please follow the Highway Code. Do not ride on pavements, against traffic or more than 2 abreast. Do not run red lights. Be courteous to pedestrians and other road users. Ride responsibly: do not attempt any manoeuvres beyond your skill level or the bike’s specific capabilities. 

You accept full responsibility if you ignore any of the above; we are not liable for death or injury to any person, loss or damage to any property that results.

Save in respect of liability for personal injury or death resulting from our negligence, the hire company’s liability to you whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise is limited to the cost of hire. 

You agree to indemnify us against any liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses arising out of or in connection with the death or injury to any person or any damage to property resulting from your hire or use of the equipment. 

We advise that you do not ride without personal and third-party liability insurance.

Payments are collected on booking the bike. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Up to 2 weeks before the hire date – 10% administration charge.
  • Up to 1 week before the hire date – 25% of the value of the hire/hire package deal.
  • Up to 3 days before the hire date – 50% of the value of the hire/hire package deal.
  • 1 day before the hire date – 75% of the value of the hire/hire package deal.
  • Day of hire – Full charge will be taken.

We will consider individual cases in extraordinary circumstances.

Late return of the bike will be charged at twice the published daily hire rate for each day/ part day that the bike is returned late.