Bike Transfer Services Terms and Conditions

When you book your transfer we will confirm your request and process it. This doesn’t yet mean we have accepted your booking.


First we will check if you have filled out all the details correctly. 


There are a limited amount of transfers available so we will check if the requested booking is still available as it is possible that we receive multiple bookings at the same time. 


We will process the bookings on a first come first serve basis. 


If a requested transfer date has become unavailable, we will contact you and propose an alternative available transfer date. 


Once you and we have agreed on the right transfer date and services you will be asked to pay for the service. Your order will be accepted and confirmed once we have received your payment. 


We will email you the details. Please be sure to check for any discrepancies. Contact us immediately so we can correct any mistakes or misunderstandings. 


Please help us not to have to compensate for any actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, expenses, interest, fines or damage directly or indirectly related to things you could have done to prevent them from happening.


You can imagine the work that is involved to process your request and prepare the planning. If for whatever reason you have to rearrange your booking we may have to charge you a non refundable admin fee to pay for that. We will let you know upfront the amount. 


We ask you to behave safe when we transfer you in our vans. We will make sure the vans are safe, serviced and suitable to transport bikes, bags and you. It is very unlikely to happen but we need to mention it, you are not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol whilst being in our van. If the van gets soiled we have to ask you to pay for the cleaning of it. 


You can pay for your order online. Cheques are not accepted. 


Our responsibility is to get the service which is in our control right. If we get it wrong we will do everything possible to revolve any issue. Where needed we will compensate you up to double the price you paid for the service.


Any damage to your bicycle will be repaired. For any total loss or destruction of your bicycle our compensation will be limited to the “second-hand” value of the bicycle. 


Most customers have got multiple bags on their bicycle. Please keep the total weight to about 12kgs. Please label the the bag(s) clearly.


Loss or damage of your bag(s) whilst being in our care will be compensated to a maximum of £50 per customer. We advise you not to store valuable items like cameras, smart devices or irreplaceable valuable items in your bag(s). 


There are events outside our control which may impact our ability to provide your transfer service. 


Here we mean things like technical breakdown of our vehicles, road accidents, storms and gale force winds, ferry disruptions, failure of public or our own telecommunication networks.


When this happens we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible. We may have to suspend the service until the issue has been resolved. We may even have to cancel your order if we can no longer provide you the agreed service. We will review these situations on a case by case basis and work with you the best we can.


For whatever reason you may have to cancel your order. Contact us as soon as reasonably possible. If your cancellation is received more than 8 weeks before the due date we will refund you 50% of the total payment. 


Any cancellation received less than 8 weeks before the due date are non refundable. This close to the due date we will find it very difficult to find another customer to take your place. We have already arranged everything like planning, transportation and ferries (if applicable). However our promise is that if we do find a replacement in time we will refund you 50% of the total payment. 


We advise you to take out a holiday insurance to cover you for these situations. 


If we got it wrong, not providing you with the total service and you are not satisfied with our solution you may cancel the service with us receiving a refund for the services we did not provide. We may make a payment of compensation to you which will be at our discretion and not exceed double the price payable. 


You are expected to arrive at the collection point/location at the agreed time. Please keep in mind that other parties may be booked on the same transfer as you and expect to depart on time. Also transfers to Barra have to depart at the right time to ensure on time arrival for the ferries.


Late arrivals may result in us not being able to deliver the booked service. We will do our best to find an alternative solution, however it will depend on the collection location, day, time, van and driver availability. You may be charged an additional costs which has to be paid in full before we will undertake the transfer.


We will only hand over your bicycle and or bag(s) to you or a person you have agreed upfront with us. This will be the case when you only booked your bike and/or bag transfer, making your own way to the drop off point. In case you or the authorised person are not at the drop off point to receive the bicycle and/or bag we will have to take the them back with us. You may be charged for any storage or other handling arrangement to get the bicycle and bag to you. 


We do not want to exclude or limit in any way your statutory rights.